Improved Version of the previous cardigan

I have submitted this since last sept or oct but everytime i wear it, i have one BIG problem that is the BIG Neckline and everytime i have to adjust it.

So i finally decided to do a improvement to this… i unpicked the border for the neckline (simple k1, p1) and have been thinking for few day what to add to create the difference.

so i figure out to use the OTN lace dress that intend to knit and i wear it for my brother-in-law’s wedding on Sep 2010. Just imagine with a simple and narrow neckline…

Then i knitted as a border and also for the back… so now it fits just nice on my shoulder …

Good work - I couldn’t do that! Impressive :slight_smile:

Good for you! I respect any knitter who will take the time to un-do her/his work and make adjustments for a better fit!

Great job!

That’s great! It’s really pretty!