Improved ribbing

I was reading where you can improve your ribbing by wrapping your purl stitches clockwise. Then on the next row you have to knit into the back of that stitch because it twisted. If you are on the round and do the improved ribbing and wrap your purl stitches backwards do you just keep doing that? I mean since you are not turning your work you should not have to knit into the back of any stitches right? :?? Will your ribbing be tighter? Or will it just look neater?

You’ll still have to knit into the back of the stitch because the stitch itself is facing a different direction than a normal stitch. But, it’s really easy! If you forget and don’t knit into the back, knitting into the front will be a tight squeeze because the stitch will be twisted, and you’ll find yourself asking “why is this stitch so hard to knit? Oh yeah! Knit into the back!” :slight_smile:

So I would knit all the knits as usual and then all the purls into the back?
knit all the knits al usual, purl one row clockwise then on the next row knit all knits as usual, then purl into the back of the purls. Then keep alternating these two rows?

When you purl into the back of the purls do you wrap it clockwise or counterclockwise? :??