Immediate Help Needed! Wonderful Wallaby

Minor help can help me in a major way! I bought the wonderful wallaby pattern Sunday and started a wallaby for my newphew’s 1st birthday (September 16th). I have all of one sleeve done and most of the second, and want to start the body.
Today we left from northern New York State for a 3hr trip to my sister’s house, and tomorrow we will be driving another EIGHT (8) hours to Virginia. My major problem? I LEFT THE PATTERN AT HOME!

A friend is going to go to my house tomorrow and scan and email the pattern, but that doesn’t help me out tomorrow morning. I don’t want to waste an 8 hour ride in the car without knitting.

All I need is the number of stitches to cast on for the body, and then the number of stitches to increas after the ribbing. Because I’m using DK yarn, I am using the stitch count from the second to smallest adult size. I don’t remember the name of the size, but it’s not the extra small but the next one (the first number in parentheses in the adult patterns)

I would really appreciate if someone could give me those two numbers. That should last me the eight hours and when I get to the next computer I’ll have the scanned pattern ready to join the sleeves and do the yoke. I’m sure every knitter out there can sympathize with my situation. Please help if you can! Thank you!

Ack…just saw this. Sorry!

I have the pattern in front of me… The cast on for the adult body is
140 (146, 162, 180, 196, 210)… so the 2nd smallest I read as 146. The increase for this size is 18 stitches so you’d have 164 stitches.

Now…why are you making an adult wallaby for a 12 mos old?

I had also posted on revelry but just checked back here on my dh’s iPhone to see if the answers I got were the same. They are so you put my mind at ease. I am so grateful for such great fellow knitters.
I am making the adult size because I’m using cascade cherub dk yarn with size 4 needles. My gauge was 14 sts to 2 inches so I did dome calculations that I can’t remember right now and came up with a stitch count of 161 which was closest to the adult small body stitch count. I am following the kids size 2 directions for all the height measurements. The sleeves look like the perfect size.
Thanks again for your quick reply!

I just wanted to say thanks for letting me know about this great pattern! It’s so cute and I like the multi-size pattern that fits babies to plus size adults. This will make great gifts. I’m seldom really enthused about a pattern, but this is one of them.

The pattern price isn’t bad, but it’s the shipping charges that made me cringe. Fortunately, I have a LYS that is always on the lookout for new and unusual patterns for their customers. With a simple email enquiry, they replied back to me that they were going to order some for the shop and I could pick one up there, saving a bit of cash on the SH. God bless them! Thanks again for letting me know this great pattern is available.

I love it too. Where did you find the information about it. The picture is adorable.