I'm working on my first project

I am making a hat for my nephew the pattern asks me to knit 20, turn and knit to the end of the row…I have no idea what that means! I’ve looked in my book and on this site and all I can figure is that it is something completely obvious and I just can’t figure it out :?? help!!

Welcome to your first project! They always seem daunting… soon you’ll be an old pro!
Does the pattern mention anything called “garter stitch”?
That’s what it’s called when you simply knit every row, which is what your description says to me. You knit 20, then your stitches will all be on your right hand needle (assuming your a righty) turn your work so the needle with all the stitches are in your left hand and knit that row, “rinse and repeat” :thumbsup:
hope that helps!

THANK YOU!!! :happydance: :cheering:

Unless it’s a short row? Then you knit twenty, turn your work, even though there are still stitches on the left needle.