I'm waiting on my first pair of Denise interchangeables

well, I have listened to all of you rave about how great denise’s needles are soooooooooo I broke down and bought a set on line sunday. I am tracking my order online so I am expecting wed/ thurs. I am lookin forward to getting them because I want to try some larger diameter projects. I want to attempt an afghan with a large circular needles. I have only attempted scarves and one poncho ( that wasn’t large enough for my mom) and it’s bound off so I don’t know how you can fix that
Hmmm I don’t denises have double points in the kit do they?

:tap: so here I am waiting anxiously for very 1st set…

I have a set of Denise and I am very happy with them. I use them almost for everything I knit except when I knit socks. The case it nice too. Enjoy!

They don’t have double points, no, but they’re perfect otherwise. :slight_smile: You’ll love 'em.

I can’t explain it, but the longer I’ve had mine, the better they get. It’s weird. They just seem to improve with use. Is this just me? I don’t know. But I love mine. I owned the Boye Needlemaster set 3 different times and took it back every time. I’ve NEVER felt the urge to return the Denises. :slight_smile:

the ONLY thing i would like to see changed about the Denise needles is that I would like the cord to be a little thinner. That is NOT enough to get me to consider changing though…lol. I do have three sets after all! :teehee: