I'm twisted


I am new to knitting and am working on my second project…a poncho for my three year old. She decided to help me and pulled out a number of rows. I had to pull out a few more to get back to a starting place. Once I thought I figured out what I was doing and started purling I noticed my stitches on the RS are twisted.

Help…I don’t know how to fix and this is a gift for Easter!!!

Thank you…thank you…thank you!

Each stitch has two legs' - a leading and trailing one. You'll knit or purl in the leading leg unless a pattern tells you to do it though the back looptbl’. If your stitches get put back on the needles the wrong way, just look and work your stitch on the leading one. You mak have to unknit the stitches that got put on the wrong way.


If you don’t like knitting through the back loop, you could put your right-hand needle through purlwise, and then the LH needle through the other way, so you kind of slip it back on the right way for every stitch.