I'm trying to work up the courage to start Knitty's Lizard Ridge

i started it once, but i had some holes in it and realized i wasn’t wrapping all the stitches right.

so i frogged everything.

i’ve been waiting for cooler weather to start up again, but all that noro is calling to me :inlove:

i think i’ll restart it tonight and hope i’ve got it figure out this time~

Ooooo! Good luck! Lizard Ridge is sooo beautiful! I can’t wait to see pictures! (And Noro is always calling my name…lol)


I was looking for something easy to pick up and knit as I waited for my children - at dance, at karate, at cross country practice…Lizard Ridge was just the thing. I love the unexpected looks that the Noro produces - have fun!

Take a look at my blog for some of my lizard ridge posts. I’m about half done. I’m using lots of different techniques with my squares. I’m doing a combo of wrap & turn and yarn over short rows. I’m doing a garter stitch modification for more definition as well. (just knit all rows except 4 and 10) I have also been purling backwards to avoid turning the work so much. It’s been a fun project and I’ve learned a ton of new skills.

have you used both ends of a skein as the pattern suggested… I tried it today and have one bug knotted mess…:hair:

I do knit from both ends when necessary for a good color change. Some repeats I let happen naturally if the color change happens around Row 7. Just break your yarn when you are done with that section. I’m weaving in my ends as I go. http://sockpr0n.blogspot.com/2006/10/how-to-weave-in-ends-while-knitting.html


how funny! this is going to be my project for surviving three months of Nutcracker Ballet rehersals :slight_smile:

do you have pictures of yours anywhere? i would love to see it!

thanks brooke, i’m off to go look at your blog!

i swatched it both ways – as written and with garter ridges. i like them both, but like you, was thinking about doing the garter ridge because of the definition. i think my problem is that having never wrapped and turned before, i anticipated it as the “problem” stitches being all in the next row, and it’s dawning upon me that they’re staggered on up. does that make any sense? i think i just instinctively got most of the gap stitches properly, but skipped one here and there, hence the holes. hopefully i can figure this out, because i’m dyeing to get this started!

i’m lazy, so i bought two skeins of each color and am knitting from both, spit slicing at the changes so i don’t have to weave. i’m not sure what this is going to do to the repeats yet.

has anyone else tried this? i don’t like knitting from both ends of one skein.

Ellie I remember being freaked out by picking up all those wraps. Honestly on my first couple of squares I missed a few and had to go back and do some sloppy surgery to close the gaps. I dont know why but these are some of my favorite squares. They really look fine - a knitting guru would probably see my “fixes” instantly but luckily there are no knitting gurus here at the house. Even now (19 squares into the deal) it is easier for me to see the wraps if the yarn is a lighter color.

I started out doing spit joins but halfway into it I decided to tie off the end of each section so I had cleaner wavy rows. I too got two skeins of each color because I didn’t want to end up with a big knotty tangled mass of yarn. Even though I did this I still have ended up occassionally knitting from the inside and outside of the same skein (but now since I now tie off and weaving in my ends as I go) I’m not as worried about getting a big yarn knot.

Go for it… you’ll love it. It will be ok and your Lizard Ridge will be beautiful.

Lizard Ridge is so gorgeous! Someday I may do this one!

I love the Kureyon, but I’m wondering if it would be scratchy in an afghan? Do you line it?

Another alternative is Paton’s SWS. It’s not as rough as Noro.


When I first started making it with Kureyon I thought there would be no way I could stand weeks and weeks of knitting with scratchy wool. Well, something about those gorgeous colors makes you forget all about it! Kureyon is a little bit scratchy and does contain a fair amount of vegetable matter. I just pick out the hay and sticks (and Lord knows what) while I knit. I’m wet blocking my squares and soaking them in a rinse-less sweater shampoo. They come out much softer after being blocked.

I hope you’ll pick it up again…that pattern is so fun!

If you have a hand wash cycle on your washer you can try this with a swatch to see how much softer it gets (I washed my lizard ridge this way) I washed it on hand wash the shortest cycle with just a touch of detergent and some fabric softener. Then I dried it using the air only setting. It made it much softer and did not felt. I would definitely test your own washer before doing this though!