I'm torn!

So I picked up my Harry Potter Friday Night. :cheering: I have not read one SINGLE PAGE!! :cry: I have been way into my knitting. The old Marete would be half way done already!! I didnt even bring it with me to work today. It is sadly sitting on my coffee table. :pout: I need to get my priorities in order!! I wish I could read and knit at the same time. But I am not that coordinated.

Books on tape are your friend, or so I am told.


:shock: GREAT IDEA!!

I started the book Saturday afternoon and didn’t knit at all after that. Read til MN. Sunday read and read and read. Then some knitters came to my house for 3 hours. So I stopped. But then read and read again. Got it done by Sunday evening.

I just finished the book. NOW I can knit again. :wink:

I knit a little, I read a little. I knit a little I read a little. DD is further into the book and can’t understand why I still need to knit! I’ve tried the knititng and reading, but the pages keep turning!

I confess, I read the epilogue, so I knkow what happens!


Knitting was on hold while I read. Harry Potter was my top priority over the weekend! :grin:

I finished reading mine earlier today too…

I had a great HP/knitting combo - start reading the book at 1 AM, sleep a bit, finish the book at 8:30 AM, then go to the LYS that’s having a huge sale and find lots and lots of goodies!

DOH!! I feel like a total looooser now!! I must read.

my copy won’t even be here till tomorrow :frowning: but i’m surviving by finishing book 6… again

Oh! How painful!:ick: