I'm tired of buying ink cartridges-HELP

I bought a new printer awhile back Lexmark and I am going through ink like crazy:!!!:We had a HP before and never went through this much ink.I even bought a cheaper cartridge (Not Lexmark)and now the ink levels won’t show up:nails: And still just as bad if not worse for the number of copies I get. I figure because you all print out patterns you would have a idea as to what is a good printer that the ink lasts longer in it.
or any ideas for me.If I have to I will buy a new printer just to save on ink cost.

I think it’s a crime the money charged for ink cartridges.My DH refills the ink and it’s much cheaper,he buys cannon printers because they refill easier.

We have a HP and although the problem is not the ink cartridges, I would not buy another one. (long story) I have heard good things about the Kodak printers, here is a link http://printers.kodak.com/. This is the one I would like to buy someday.

I loved my HP, but it didn’t work with my new computer. I decided to go with Canon and I really, really like it! I got it last summer and I’ve only changed the cartridges once and I print a lot. I also like that it’s got 5 ink cartridges so I only change the ones that are empty. I’ve changed 4 of them so far and I waited till they were completely empty. I have a Canon Pixma MP610 which is a multifunction printer. It scans, copies and prints.

One thing you can do to make ink last longer is use the lowest ink mode…often called draft mode. It works fine for most things other than official stuff.

ETA: I have a subscription to Consumer Reports and I always check there… Canon is always at the top of the list followed by HP. Lexmark is always at the bottom. :shrug:

We took advantage of the Christmas sales and bought a laser printer. We actually did it for the opposite reason from you…we rarely if ever use our printer and the inkjet cartridges would dry up and we would have to buy new ones every few months when we wanted to print something. The new printer is actually wireless too so I can now print knitting patterns to my hearts content without having to leave my spot on the couch to go plug my computer into the printer !!

Thanks Jan for the infromation:hug:I bought one,it was on sale:woohoo:

You did?! What kind did you get?

vaknitter… I print lots of patterns. I don’t make a tenth of what I print, but I like to sit in my comfy couch and ponder the patterns rather than sit here. I also do the occasional photos and DH also prints stuff occasionally. Laser printers are cool, but a color one would be cost prohibitive for most of us.

I bought the same one you bought PIXMA MP610:yay:I bought it from Cannon e store.


Jan my new printer came today:woohoo:Thank you sooooooooo much for telling me about this printer:hug: I absolutely love it :woot::yay::cheering::woohoo:

Oh I’m so glad! You’re welcome! :yay:


Actually…my canon inkjet just broke down after 5 long years of service, and when considering a new one, we looked into it, and apparently in the long run a laser is cheaper…

It is more expensive to replace a toner cartridge, but they will print off way more pages and the quality is better!

IMO anyway…so far I am loving our colour laser printer!