I'm such a ditz

Making leg warmers for dd. Right one is done, and I had no problem…left one is another story. I thought it was going well, I was almost done with the 4th spiral. Doesn’t look ANYTHING like the right one…So, what do I do?! RIP IT ALL OUT, all the way to the beginning. Now I can start over :frowning:

That was SUCH a waste of time.

I hate when that happens! What’s different?

That’s no fun. I’ve done that before. Have you already frogged?
If you did already frog them, you might consider 2 @ a time. I find it’s easier to get a matched set that way. I really don’t like one sock or leg warmer longer or shaped differently from the other.

I feel your pain.

I’m not sure I can explain it, the hole (created by the yo), was MUCH bigger and obvious than on the left, the spiral on the left was not as visible as on the right…(this might be because I’m not doing the ssk properly?)

The spiral is reversed on the Left. Let me see if I can link the pattern…

The pattern isn’t difficult, but obviously, I didn’t do something right! (OH…and I didn’t move my stitch marker over as directed)…yes, that made a difference too! I didn’t understand WHY I needed to do that, but now I do.

The holes from YOs are sometimes different sizes depending on what sts are before and after them, or which side of a dec they are. There’s really not a big difference and they’ll even out when you wash or block the item.

If you actually did something wrong and/or you can’t live with them as they are then definitely frog the second one and reknit it. That’s how I’d handle it.

Cute pattern btw!

Those are very nice, I think I’ll try them. If you have to frog and rework one I say it’s worth the effort.