I'm Stuck

[color=olive]I’m kntting my Oregon tote… and I have the base, but now i’m confused about what i am supposed to do next. the directions read like this: Place the 1st marker to mark the begining of the round. Pick up and knit 20 stitches along the left side of the base, place marker.

My questions are how do you pick up stitches and what video do i watch to get a good understanding of this. and what is a round? :?? :wall: [/color]

The picking up stitiches video is in the middle of this page
advanced techniques

I’m guessing your oregon tote pattern tells you to either knit with double pointed needles or on a circular needle. Either way – check out the “using circular needles” and “using double pointed needles” videos. They’re also on the advanced techniques page.

Basically you’re going to knit in a circle, so you never turn the work – you just keep going around and around. But hopefully the videos will help.

[color=olive]Thank you for replying. it asked for circular. i am going to check out thoses videos right now!!! thanks again![/color]

[color=olive]ok that didn’t help. I couldn’t hear the picking up stitches video and the circular knitting video never came up… NOW WHAT!!! :frowning: [/color]

Instead of watching as a streaming video, save the video to your hard drive and view it with Real Player (or Windows Media Player). That’s what I have to do from home because I have Dial Up there. Hope that helps!

[color=olive]ok thanks[/color]

Also, not all the videos have sound.