I'm stuck on understanding a pattern


I am stuck on interpreting a pattern. I am knitting a sweater with a crossing pattern, all the same color and yarn. But the pattern says to increase a stitch and then later to knit two together so it creates a crossing “X” on the front of the sweater. But it just doesn’t seem to work out. I will try to upload a picture of the pattern. I am at the point where I finished the “Pattern A”. Question is, do I increase one stitch then knit, knit, pearl, pearl, etc or do I increase one st and knit, then knit, knit, pearl, pearl, etc?? Because once I finish the first row the next row doesn’t seem to work out.



Greetings! It would help if we had a picture of the finished sweater and of what you’ve knit so far.




I’m only on row 2 of the main pattern. Not enough to show you.


Can u post a picture of the sweater? (From the pattern).

Do u know how to do a M1 increase at the very beginning of a row?

Hopefully salmonmac will know how to do this!!



It looks like a nice cable pattern. Do the increase as given in the pattern by picking up the strand between sts and knitting through the back loop. That won’t use up a stitch so you would work the increase, k2, p2.
For the increase at the beginning of row 5, substitute a knit front and back (kfb) and count the stitch used as one of the k2 (so for that row only, kfb, k1, p2 and continue.)


Thank you for helping.

It dawned on me that you might have needed the instruction of k6, work “main pattern” over next 74 stitches, k6.

On row 5, I tried your suggestion of kfb, k1, p2 but that put my purl stitches out of line from previous rows.
I’m just befuddled.

If I follow the pattern on row 5 to inc st by picking up strand between stitches then k2, p2 I’m still out of sync with previous rows.

I’m sure I’m looking right at it but just can’t figure it out.


I didn’t realize there were 6sts before and after the chart. In that case, there’s no need for the kfb. Knit 6, m1, k2, p2 etc. It may help to place a marker 2sts before the first p2 (although you may find the marker interferes with the m1).
Basically, you want to work a m1 between the 3rd and 2nd stitch before the purl column, then k2, p2, k2, p2, k2, p2, k1, k2tog tbl. Watch your knitting if it makes it easier, instead of the chart. It’ll make it easier to keep the purl and knit columns.b


I forwarded 3 videos of me trying to make things work. Hopefully you got them. Thanks for your help.


Hi DianeE, I can’t access the forum because it seems to be down from all my devices. Can you pm me with an email?

I’m sorry that you are still struggling with this but maybe the videos will help.


Can you tell us the name of the pattern you’re using?


I’m out of town until the 25th but will let you know then what it is. It just seems nothing is working out so I’d appreciate the help! Thanks