I'm stuck on a pattern and need help to proceed?!

I am currently working on a vintage knit baby sweater for which I do not have a link nor do I own so I will simply tell you the instruction I am stuck on. The pattern says it is worked in one piece. It’s front and back are exactly alike. Instructions are given in bottom up format and the pattern instructs to pick up stitches to knit sleeves. I just completed shaping the neck on one side of the sweater and the pattern instructions are telling me to bind off without having done and worked the other side of the sweater!! I’m so confused now. What do I do? Do I knit up the back separately and seam them together at the shoulders or what? With what the pattern is instructing I cannot possibly see how I am to continue and to knit this in just one piece. Please help!! I’m trying to complete this for one of my unborn twin girls due in May before they bless us with their presence. Thanks so much!!

Can you write out the neck dec part? It may be that you’re supposed to work on both shoulders at the same time.

Instructions are work 15 sts, join a second ball of yarn, BO center 31 sts, work to end. Working both sides at the same time, work even until piece measures 13 3/4" from beginning. End with WS row. BO all sts.

Okay, you work both shoulders at the same time, with separate balls of yarn.

I get that part of it. Do I then work the pattern in reverse though for the other side of the sweater? It says to BO but nothing about reversing the pattern and continuing or knitting the back separately and joining by sewing?

So right now you only have the front, no part of the back has been knit at all? If there are no directions for the back and the front and back are identical, then as you suggest, make another front, seam the front and back together at the shoulders (or leave the shoulder sts on a holder and when the back is finished do 3 needle bind off to seam) and then pick up sts for the sleeves.