I'm stuck on a Drops chart

One Step Ahead

I’m having problems with Diagram A1

As I read it:
Row 1 (RS): P3, *k2, p2 repeat to last 3 sts, p3
Row 2: K3 *k2,p2 repeat to last 3 sts, k3

Looking at the picture it looks like 2x2 rib with a 3 stitch GS border and I can do that without the chart but I’d like to understand where I’m going wrong in reading it. Working it that way looks more like double moss stitch. I’m sure it’s quite simple and obvious.

Now I’ll tink back and do it to look the the picture. Hopefully I’ll learn something that I can apply to charts in the future.

You’re right, it’s k2p2 rib with a 3st garter edge. I think the problem is in reading the chart. Start at the bottom right and read to the left. Then go to row 2 above chart row 1 and read from left to right.
Row 1: k5, (p2, k2) to the last 5sts, k5
Row 2: k3, (p2, k2), to the last 5sts, p2, k3.

Duh. I knew it would be something simple. I forgot where to start. :roflhard: Begin at the beginning. Some days I wonder how I remember to make a knit stitch. I’ll go back and see if I can get it right this time.

[SIZE=“5”]Thank you![/SIZE]

If somebody asks about reading charts I know you read them that way. :zombie: