I'm stuck in need of help

I’m knitting my daughter a shrug, for our up coming trip, and found this pattern on a site, but I’m doing the sleeves and this is where I’m stuck at I don’t understand what does this row: p3 [3:2:4:6:5],p2tog,(p3[5:6:6:6:4], p2tog)9[7:7:7:7:11] times, p4[4:2:4:6:5:] 44[50:54:58:62:66] sts.

The numbers in the brackets are for the different sizes. So, it depends on what size you’re making for what number to use. For this example I’ll use the middle one.

You will start this row with Purl 4, then purl 2 together,
Next Purl 6, and purl 2 together. Do the Purl 6/purl 2 together 7 times across the row and end with purl 4.

Your numbers will probably be different than mine, depending on what size you’re making.

hth, knitcindy

Yes, and the last set of numbers gives you the total number of sts you should have at the end of the row, depending on the size you’re making.
44[50:54:58:62:66] sts
Circle the numbers that apply to the size you’re making to make it easier to look at the pattern.