I'm stuck - how do you mark a row?

I know how to mark stitches - but what do I do to mark a row to show a change in pattern where the stitches in the pattern don’t change?

I don’t even know if that made sense lol

I need to some how mark the row I stitched on, so I know where it is… only I have no clue how. Trying to count it later is going to be rather difficult in this pattern. Can any one offer a suggestion?

Hmmm, I hope there is someone up this late that is more experienced than I, but if I needed to mark rows, I would probably just place a tiny safety pin at the end of each one.
I saw somewhere yesterday that someone sells row markers, but that won’t help you right now,lol! :slight_smile:


Never heard of row markers… hmm a gadget to keep an eye out for, LOL

A safety pin I have, thank you!

I just looked and found a place called knittingetc.com. They have them…they just clip at the end. These aren’t the ones I saw yesterday, but close. I liked the other ones better, but of course I will never be able to find them, lol!

Paper Clips also work! :slight_smile:

If you’re concerned that something metal might harm the fibers or tend to snag, you can always tie a small piece of waste yarn thru a stitch.


All you really need is a safety pin. The ones sold for knitting are small plastic safety pins, in essence. I have some because I prefer them, but you can use regular old safety pins. Just stick it around a stitch you make (like a necklace) and then get to knitting the next row.

I will have this one finished by tomorrow night. It won’t have time to snag, but thanks for the tip about plastic pins. I’ll keep an eye out for them.

Safety pins I have - the tiny ones - I just have to dig them out of a bucket of rice LOL.

My older daughter got married in March. One of the games we played at her shower had guests trying to pull those really tiny brass safety pins out of 5 pounds of rice. It is harder than you might think LOL. I have been so busy since I haven’t had time to go through the tedious work of sifting through the rice to remove the pins, so as I need one or two I dig for them. Giggles

I too have used many a safety pin…Then I went up in the world and bought some cute row markers xx