I'm stuck already - help please

ok, knitting is so much easier so far lol.

but i WILL master this lol

the row im stuck on is sk first ch, 2sc in next st * sk next sc in next sc.

i am cluesless help please?

thank you :aww:

After you chain the required number of chains and do a sc in each chain required you chain one and turn to go on to row two. Row two says skip the first sc not the first chain. After you skip the first sc which is the sc at the base if the chain one stitch, you do 2sc in the next sc and repeat skip next sc and do 2sc in next stitch after skip. It looks like this
sk first sc, 2sc in next sc, sk next sc, 2sc in next sc,…
In crochet terms: Row 2: sk first sc, 2sc in next sc, sk next sc the repeat is between the *.

I hope this clears it up for you.

i get it, thank you. it makes sence now