I'm starting my first scarf! :)

Yay I feel so excited! :woohoo: I’m FINALLY starting my first scarf! :cheering: :rofl:
I hope it would turn out fine, I’m planning to work with my purple Boucle yarn in a kind of vertical lace stripes pattern that I made up.
I also have a kind of fear to start the scarf though… It’s my first scarf :oops: I need to fight my fear! :teehee:

Don’t be afraid. It will be great! Your very own pattern. How cool! :cheering:

You’ll do great. I look forward to seeing the FO.

:cheering: :cheering: You’ll do fine. I love the fact that you’re using your own pattern :cheering: :cheering:

There will be times when you hate that scarf but those will pass. We’re here for those moments of weakness.

Happy Knitting!!!

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

Awww thanks guys! :hug: It feels so warm to be encouraged by you guys! Especially when I’m not feeling well these days…
I might not be knitting the scarf for a few days… I have to rest for a bit because of the nasty uncomfortableness that comes… well… approximately every other month… some people will know what I mean…

Anyways! I’ll still try to work on my scarf whenever I feel better!:slight_smile: