I'm so totally


I found out last night but I’ve been thinking that i might be for a little while. Hopefully this time around we will have a girl. I’ve already knit a few sweaters and booties, socks in girly colors. So it better be!! What’s funny is that my due date is June 9th or the 10th and my birthday is June 11th. :woot:

We aren’t telling family members yet, I think most of them will be happy. But I know my FIL will get on us for being broke, but I know he’ll still be happy. He loves our son to death.

They know what causes that now.



thats funny!

WHOOHOOOO!!! :):hug:




Congratulations hun. I am so happy for you.
Now you really have an excuse to knit lol


Congratulations! :cheering:


My oldest sons birthday is Oct 14 the same day as my sisters and brother in laws birthday. My sister is pregnant and her due date is the same day as my middle sons birthday. I really hope you have a girl I always wanted one boy and one girl, but ended up with 3 boys, but I love them all very much.

Thanks everyone!

ctmax, i love the yarn in your avatar!

:yay: congratulations!!! (my bday is june 11 too)

Huge congrats!!



Congratulations! Babies are so cute. :muah:

:cheering: Congratulations! My DD was born a day before DH’s. When she was born, I said, “Happy birthday, honey!”

Congratulations! May this be a happy and healthy pregnancy!:hug:


aww congrats to you what a nice birthday gift.


I have a little boy and a little girl, they’re both fun in their own ways. Little boys are funny, but little girls have better clothes :slight_smile: Either way, I’m sure you’ll be thrilled!