I'm so scared

You know what? It really doesn’t matter. Just keep on going with your ribbing, when you have the length that you want then start binding off at one of the sides. It won’t make an ounce of different which side or if you are ‘truly’ at the beginning of the round. It’s a bit different anyways cause now you’re essentially working top down when before you worked bottom up.

A tip for you though, when it comes to binding off…try to bind off loosely, if possible bind off with a needle one or two sizes larger than what you used for the ribbing. The last thing you want is a bind off that’s too tight! :hug:

I just remembered that I checked to see where the tail was before I inserted my needle. It seems so long ago I just forgot. I don’t have a problem with tight bind offs so will it different now that I am coming from the other way?

I use the cable cast on because I like the look of the edge. Which bind off is the closest to it? :?? The bind off edge looks a lot different the the cast on. I never thought of that until now. :oops:

In my opinion, a loose bind off at the bottom of a top-down sweater is pretty important if you want to be able to get it on easily. Binding off, say at the shoulders is a lot different because that’s not that part that needs to stretch in order for the garment to fit.

Which bind off to use…I’d just bind off in pattern, depending on what ribbed pattern you were doing. Knit the knits and purl the purls according to your rib as you bind stitches off.

Thanks for the tip knitqueen. I think I will use a needle one size larger. :notworthy:

Instead of using your fingers, you can pick out by inserting a knitting needle into the space above a stitch and flicking it toward the bottom of the piece. The first time I needed to go back and knit more on a finished garment, I got stuck too. Then I figured it out and suddenly, it was so easy. However, I did cut off all the ribbing and picked out the stockinette stitch.

Candy- I have been watching this post since yesterday and I wish I were well versed enough to gie advice! PLEASE let us know what ended up happening and- maybe- even post us an image when you have it done! With such tanacity, we have to see you result!

Once I put the yarn in the destination row at stockinette instead of the ribbing and I cut one row below the destination row things went a lot easier. I think the first mistake I made was cutting too far away from the destination row and therefore I was picking forever the ribbing. The second mistake I did was put the needle in the destination row on two different rows. Some stitches were on one row and some were on another row. :!!!: I found it easier to put in a waste piece of yarn in the destination row instead of the needle. Now that I have done it I will definately do it again. Call me crazy. I can’t tell you how happy I was when I got to the last row and it unravelled and I had all the stitches on the same row. :happydance: It is turning out perfect. :cheering:

Oh boy what a nightmare. I hate to tell you but I made a beautiful vest for my DH and when he said it wasn’t long enough I just added more ribbing on the bottom and it looks fine. sorry.

Victoise this is off topic, but…
can you tell me about the drawing?
A man and a dog?

I would have just added on to the ribbing but it was already 2 1/2 inches and he would not have liked the ribbing to be 4 1/2 inches so I had to take the ribbing off. :verysad:

That so funny, so many people ask about it. Actually when I first saw it, well for ages I thought it was a girl, it reminded me of me… even though I’m a cat person. That’s why I used it and liked it. It’s in this little art book I picked up in London a long time ago. I took a picture of it with my digital just to have on my computer then one day I made it in to my avatar.
Then I went back to look at it in the book and it said Man and Dog.
You have a better eye than me. I’ll have to dig that book out and see who the artist is… it’s even better bigger!