I'm so scared

My son wore his wool sweater on a ski trip and now he has decided it needs to be two inches longer. Yikes! I have not done this before so I am a little, nervous. I want to take the ribbing off and add two inches to the body. So, from what I have read on this site I should put in a needle in a destination row snip the first stitch at the bottom and pick it all out.

My question is, once I snip that first stitch do I have to pick out every stitch or will it unravel? Once I pick out a few stitches can I just knit it backwards? Is there a better way of doing this? I guess I am looking for assurance that it is not that hard. Any tips?

If you are taking out a cast on edge, snipping the first stitch will not allow it to unravel. You would need to pick out each stitch around until the cast on row is removed and then you should be able to unravel easily from there. To avoid that kind of finicky work, I’d insert the needle in a destination row like you said, usually at least 1" away from the edge (just my preference) and I’d cut the whole cast on row off. Then you’d just have to pick away a few loose ends from the cutting and you should be able to find the working end that you can just rip back.

Thank you, I am going to take a deep breath and start frogging now. :verysad:

Oh, boy am I in trouble! :wall: I guess I did not cut straight enough when I cut off the cast on edge. I keep getting these little pieces coming off and the one piece of yarn I have in my hand just does not unravel. I have to keep picking it backwards. :wall: I am not all on the same row picking the yarn so what should I do? Help!

You might have a bunch of short lengths to pull out because of the cut - don’t worry about that you will just have to keep pulling them out until they’re all gone and you’re left with one end. Once all of the little pieces are removed you should be able to pull the end that’s left - really, I’ve done it several times! Just make sure that you’ve got your stitches on the needle all in the same row, and keep picking away at it.

I sure hope I have all the stitches on the SAME row. :wall: I picked up on the ribbing so the purls were easy because the row above was a knit. I found the knit rows harder to see if I was on the same row. What happens if one is not on the same row?

Well, I am still picking and I now have a blister staring on my index finger. All the little bits have come off and I am now down to one strand left. I keep going around and around and around. The problem is that the yarn is not unravelling, I have to pick each stitch 222sts out. How is it suppose to unravel? :wall:

It should unravel by lightly pulling on the end. If it is not, try picking out only part of a stitch (i.e. under one strand only) and then tugging lightly. It can take a bit of picking to figure out where the yarn needs to be in order to unravel easily, but it should. Good luck!

OMG, I swear I am sleeping and I am having a nighmare! :!!!: I cant’ seem to get it to unravel. Am I going to be here for days picking? Exactly where do I turn the stitch or pick it to unravel? It seems like I have to back track every stitch to get it out. How do I get it to behave? :grrr:

k, i find i only have trouble with stitches that have been knit throught the back loop. I always have to unpick these ones, then it will unravel to the next tbl stitch, which i have to pick at, which is a pain.

I’m not sure why yours isn’t unravelling, though, unless you’ve been knitting through back loops :shrug:

It’s so hard to tell without saying, here pass it to me, i’ll have a go. Sorry. What a task.

You are so sweet! I wish I could pass it to you. I am on a circ needle and it is K1,P2. I cant figure out why it is not working. Every stitch needs to be picked backwards. :wall: I wish it was just a cuff then I would be done by now. But oh no, it is a man’s waist! :grrr: Now I am afraid that by the time I get to my destination row I might have some on different rows. Maybe this sweater will be garbage by the time I am done. :verysad:

Did you read Amy’s instructions for finding the destination row? It’s helpful!

Don’t give up! And for sure, don’t throw it away!! :fingerwag: You need to make sure that all of your stitches on the needle are in the same row. That’s pretty important. If you are working in the round, check out the first and last stitch of the round. If the last stitch of the round appears to be a row higher than the first stitch of the round (because a ‘round’ is actually a spiral), you’ve probably done it right.

As for the actual ripping. If it’s just not working for you, personally I’d cut again. Of course that depends how much leeway you gave yourself according to where your desination row is.

Well, I have about 3 more rows to pick back. I am stopping for now because my fingers are so sore. I have been doing it 6hours straight. I can’t tell if my last stitch is higher. Once I pick back to that destination row, can I just knit backwards one more row? When I am done I will have picked back 3553sts. Boy, what you do for your kids.

Stop stop stop! If you are sure of your destination row and IF you have more of the wool, I would cut off all the ribbing right underneath the destination row and chuck it. Then find the end, maybe have to pick it out of a few stitches, and join it with the felted join/spit splice, or a russian join, or even whatever you prefer. If you pull out metres and metres through each stitch, it will eventually become unusable and frayed and nasty-looking, so you wouldn’t be able to knit again with it. Unless it’s a super-hard-wearing acrylic maybe?
But even then, you are making the jumper longer than it was before, so you’d have to join more wool on later anyway right? Might as well use new wool from the start of your re-doing and cut of all the stuff you need to unpick.


You are not going to believe me when I tell you I worked on picking this sweater for 11 hours. :!!!: I know I must be crazy but I don’t like to give up. I Just can’t change my perfectionist personality. Anyway, after I picked and picked I got close to where I inserted the needle for my destination row but the problem was I must have inserted the needle wrong because I got a couple on stitches on the needle and I had so much more of other stitches that still needed to be picked. Then I decided to go up another inch. I know, I know, I was starting to think that I was going to end up with a bolero. This time I put in a piece of yarn instead of the needle and then I checked my mail and you told me to cut close to the destination and stop picking. I took a deep breath and thought what have I got to lose? So I cut close and picked the loose pieces off and I could not believe my eyes. :teehee: It started to unravel :happydance: So for one row it unravelled so I could pick up the stitch from the waste yarn and put it on the needle. Why did it not unravel 7cm earlier? I had the waste yarn in straight and it went smooth from there. The good thing is that yesterday I went to the store and got another ball of yarn with the same dye lot. Can you believe my luck! After all this cutting I need that extra ball of yarn. Thank you for all your help :muah: :muah:

You are not going to believe me when I tell you that I picked for 11 hours. :!!!: I must be crazy. When i finally got close to my destination row where I had my needle in I realized that it was not going to work because I had the needle in wrong so I decided to go up another inch. I know, I know, I think was starting to lose it.THis time I put in a piece of waste yarn in the destination row. After reading the last post I took a deep breath and cut close to the waste yarn. I picked the loose bits off and all of a sudden it started to unravel. :happydance: :happydance: ON my LAST row it unravelled. Why did it not unravel sooner? I was happy anyway for at least one row. I got all my stitches on the needle easliy because this time I was all on the same row. :happydance: Ask me if I will do this again and unforunately I will say yes. What I will do for my kids. Next time maybe it will go better. Thank you for all your help.

It worked

:hug: :hug: :hug: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :hug: :hug: :hug:

Talk about perseverence!! Way to go, you should be very proud.


I am knitting away so happy I have all the stitches and I am going around and I just had a thought. How do I know if I started at the first stitch or at the half way mark. I am in the round and I inc at the beg and at the half way mark so when I inserted my needle how do I know where I am really at? :??