I'm so sad for my son today

. . . without a word of warning, his best friend just moved from CT to Texas.

So very strange.

I am homeschooling my 13 year old son and we have only been at it for about a year now. He didn’t have that many friends when he was at school and then he met his friend Chris at an after-school activity. They hit it off and even though Chris went to a different school they managed to see each other on weekends and holidays and keep in touch over the phone and by email. They have been friends for more than 3 years now. I liked his parents very much – we didn’t socialize but we always had something to talk about when we were dropping off or picking up the boys.:oo:

The last few times that my son had invited Chris over for a playdate or sleepover, his mom said no without any explanation. They saw each other a couple of weeks ago and hadn’t seen each other since but had talked several times on the phone. Every once and a while in their friendship, a few weeks would go by til they talked or saw each other so I don’t think that my son or I really took notice that there had been little to no communication.

This morning the phone rang and I didn’t recognize the number so I didn’t pick up. We listened to the message and it was Chris, calling to tell my son that he had moved and was living in Texas. :oo:

Is that weird or what? You would figure that Chris’ mom would have said something, knowing how much the boys meant to each other.

I’m heartbroken for my son and don’t even know what to say. He, of course, in his 13 year old way, isn’t saying much.

I’m completely flabbergasted and needed to unload.

Thanks for listening.


Wow so strange that the mom didn’t say anything? The only thing I can think of was she was secretly planning to leave her husband and didn’t say anything to the son for fear he would let it slip.

I hope your son is ok. it really is hard at that age when a close friend moves away.

Thanks for that – that was my first thought.

I don’t know for sure but my son said his friend told him “We moved to Texas.” but was not specific about who was included in the “We.”

The only other explanation I thought of was that since his mother knew they were moving, she wanted to distance them in order to make it easier on them. Reverse logic really, and probably the complete wrong thing to do, but it’s a possibility?
I also think scout’s suggestion was a good one too- maybe she just didn’t want anyone to know?
Do you have their old phone number? Perhaps you can call and see if anyone answers?

Aw I’m sorry that’s so sad! Especially since he doesn’t have many more close friends.
Are there any homeschooling groups near where you live? I’m homeschooled and I absolutely love the co-op I’m in, I feel so at home. Maybe you could look around for one? It’s no fun when your best friend moves away, that’s for sure =(.
I hope things work out for yall :heart: !

That IS odd. At least they did call though, and didn’t completely drop off the planet - it probably doesn’t help your son at the moment, but it might help him feel a little better in time - instead of just wondering what happened to him. And it does sort of explain that weirdness with the mom at the end too. I feel for your son though - it’s hard to loose a friend at ANY age, and that age especially. Hang in there :hug:

How odd! Does one just get up one morning say “Hey, lets move to Texas”? There must be more to the story (divorce, job change, illness, etc.) that hasn’t come out yet. :hug: to everyone.

It’s odd for sure. There are many reasons why this could have happened… and it’s possible you will never know. It’s a good thing he called, though. It shows he valued this friendship too.

I moved to another city when I was 13 and I know how hard it is at that age to make new friends. I’m sure it’s hard on both boys. :hug:

I’d agree it is a bit odd, but maybe she was stressed with the move and it was an oversight.
We’re also homeschoolers and I think a co-op or support group helps kids meet friends. Most of my kids friends go to our church and they’ve known them since they were babies.
:hug: to you and your son. It’s a tough age that’s for sure.

That is really strange to just up and leave like that. Gotta be more going on here than meets the eye. I hope your son will heal quickly!

It is strange from your end but who knows what was going on in that family.

I think the co-op groups sound like a great idea and would help your son find a new friend. Poor boy…:muah:

There are a couple of very nice homeschool groups in our area and we have taken advantage of the social aspect of that. We were even going to try and go ice skating today with the homeschoolers but we got so caught up in what we were doing that we didn’t have the time.

My son has been active in the RE program at church and that helps too. He just hasn’t met anyone that he connected with like he did with this one boy.

I know that they will keep in touch at least for awhile but still it won’t be the same as having a best friend who is close by.