I'm so new I can't even count rows right!

Pattern: 8 rows st st, end WS;
Beg on this row dec 1 st at each end (every 7th row) six times.

My question: I have started and ripped many times.
Can anyone explain the exact count here. Everytime I end
up with a different number of rows. I know I am making
this harder than it is. Now I am frustrated!

It’s easier to count the purl side bumps when you’re first knitting; easier even if you’ve been kntting 40 years like me, too. So knit until you’ve got 8 rows of bumps on the purl side, then do the incs one the next row because `end on WS row’ means you’ll have finished the WS/purl row and the incs will be on the knit row. After the first inc row, inc again on the 7th row after that which will also be a knit row. After you’ve made the first inc row, it may be easier to count your stitches from the inc stitch - that was on row 1 and when you’ve got 6 of them, your next row is the inc row.


Thank you so much, Sue!

a row counter is really nice to have…it’s kind of a pain to click it after every row but it has helped me with a lot of patterns

Thank you mdog182. I do have a counter but it doesn’t fit on the needles that I am using so it’s really hard to remember to turn it when I should. I guess I should trek out to the store to get one that fits!

Easy enough to note on scratch paper, if nothing else.

Dec (first one is on K side), P, K, P, K, P, K
Dec (7th row is P), K, P, K, P, K, P

Repeat those two lines for total of 6 paired decs. Cross off each row when done. Just make sure when you’re doing the P (WS) decs they’re the same kind of dec to match what you’re doing on the RS.


Thank you Cam90066! I didn’t realize how much help it would be to write it out! Thank you! Thank you!