I'm so excited!

I feel crazy for being excited over this but…

I just bought my first hand painted yarn on eBay.I’m going to use it to make my husband a pair of socks for his birthday. Subtle color variations, but that’s his style. I can’t wait to surprise him with it! He’s super-supportive of my knitting and he gets almost as excited as I do when I finish projects.

You’re not crazy, we all go bananas over yarn! :slight_smile: That’s beautiful, I can’t wait to see the socks!

It’s a beautiful shade of green, who wouldn’t be a little loopy over it. I’m sure it will knit up to be wonderful socks.

Beautiful yarn. Your dh will be so proud to wear those socks. I just ordered 4 hanks of Imagination Hand Painted yarn from Knit Picks to make socks for my two little great granddaughters. My first hand painted yarn too. Can’t wait to get started. :knitting:

Thanks, everyone! Makes me feel a little less crazy :slight_smile:

Now I need to figure out what kind of design to do. I’m off to hunt!