I'm so excited!

I went to my lys today, becaue everything was 15% off, :cheering: and found Noro kureyon for $8.50 and bought 3 to make the booga bag I’ve been :drool: over! The only place I’ve seen it for sale was online, ebay included and the cheepest was $8.00 a ball and then you have to pay shipping on top of that-don’t you share my excitement? :woohoo: My husband just rolled his eyes. :roll:
I also bought some sock yarn to make my mom some for her b-day in Oct. I’ve never made socks before and would like an easy pattern and one that doesn’t look gross or huge. She has a size 8 1/2 shoe size if that helps. Thanks. xxx

OOooh, I’m definitely excited for you! Plus you didn’t have that antagonizing WAIT of shipping too! LOL

Congratulations on running into a yarn sale. :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

My favorite sock book is folk socks. See if your local library has it on the shelf.

Ohh how lucky!! I wish I could get some! None of the yarn suppliers in this area stock it as far as I’m aware. :frowning: And I want to make a booga bag myself. I might have to find a suitable substitution.

As for the sock pattern, look here for lots and lots of different patterns, ranging from very easy to very advanced.

How exciting…nothing like a good yarn sale!!!
As for the sock, I recommend Silver’s Sock Class and you can find sizes here.

Thanks guys, those are great. I especially like Silver’s Sock Class…very helpful. Now I just have to wait for my dpn to get here. :muah:

Be very careful with the socks - they’re addictive. (On second thought, nevermind, just do it! You’ll love it!)

Don’t worry about the sock sizes. Socks are much easier to resize than sweaters, since you just make the foot longer, unless your mom has super-narrow or super-wide feet. And even then, you can just cast on a few more or fewer stitches. Once you get the basic idea down, it’s easy to customize the cuffs or foot. Socknitters.com is a great site for instructions, patterns, and such.

What kind of sock yarn did you get, by the way?