I'm So Excited!

Hello to all,

This is my first thread on these forums. I’ve crocheted since I was 18 year old, but I’m still new to the knitting world. So far, I’ve just been browsing through the forums, and learning, but I just had to write about why I’m so excited.

So far, all I’ve knitted are scarves, a baby afghan, and recently I finished up my first big project, which is a throw sized afghan. I have seen several patterns in books and online for socks and slippers, but never worked up the courage to attempt any of them. Well, now I finally may be able to do this. They’re having a sock knitting class this Saturday, at our local craft store, and I’ve reserved a spot to be there. I can hardly wait!! :happydance:

So that’s why I’m so happy. It’s nice to meet you all, and I’m hoping to be able to post more often, as I get closer to becoming a real knitter.


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:smiley: Welcome, Jennifer :waving: I know u will enjoy KH, looking forward to getting to know u & seeing your socks…I know that will be a member of the Sock Addicts… :roflhard: :rofling: socknitting is very addictive :wink:

Hi Jennifer!

You are a real knitter! Welcome to the club!

Welcome Jennifer :smiley: I just came home from Texas on Saturday we were in Tyler it was our first time there we loved it!

I’m happy to meet you, Jennifer. I’m Samm in Southern Ontario and I’ve been here not too long. I think you’ll like it here! :smiley: And I’m sure you’ll be knitting socks and more socks, because they are so much fun to do and so comfy to wear. Let us know how the class goes, 'k? samm

Wow, thank you all for the nice welcome. It’s really going to be fun, becoming a sock addict. :smiley: But I needed this class, because I don’t think I’d have ever been brave enough on my own. I’m the type of person who has to see something to fully understand it. That’s why the knitting help video lessons are so wonderful for me.

Welcome! That class sounds fun!! Let us know how it goes. :smiley:

Best of luck with the class!

I can’t take any of the classes at my LYS because they’re either in the evenings that I work, or on the weekends, and I work every weekend. MIDNIGHT SHIFT SUCKS!!!

Welcome! Let us know how the class goes! :smiley:

Welcome :waving: [size=2]and I just couldn’t help it when I saw your post. I heard “…and I just can’t hide it. I know I know I know I know I want yu. I want you. do do do do do…”[/size]

welcome Jennifer! :cheering:

Well, tomorrow’s the day! This is going to be so fun!

Have fun tomorrow. The world of socks (and more socks) awaits you. :slight_smile:

i, too, have the monkey on my back

his name is Sox


LOL…his big Mama is on my back…ManySox :roflhard: :rofling:

Hey fellow sock addicts,

I think I understand what you mean now. I didn’t realize this, but this class continues for two more Saturdays. Yesturday, she gave us a patten, and we did the cuff and heel flap. As I was leaving, she told me that if I wanted to, I could use some waist yarn to mark my place on that sock, and do the cuff and heel flap for the other one. Well, of course, I had to see if I could do it on my own, so I knitted the cuff and heel flap on the second sock last night.

Now here comes the “addict” part. I find myself thinking about it, and wishing I hadn’t completed my homework so soon. Now I want to go through my yarn, and see what I have, so I can do some more. I don’t know what I’m going to do with a bunch of cuff and heel flaps, but for some reason I want to keep making them. :lol: In fact, I was thinking about going on a limb, and just seeing if I can complete a whole sock. I know I have plenty of single skeins of yarn. :smiley:

I would go for it!!! If you get in a jam, you can check out Silver’s tutorial, or just holler here!

<goes back to knitting her Cascading Leaves sock>

Thanks. I think I might just do that. Where do I find Silver’s tutorial? In case I need it, which I’m sure I will.

Here you go! :smiley:

Listen–I know what you mean!! :shock: I didn’t have a LYS to go to, so I learned from a book and then I learned A LOT here at KH too!! But the first night after I’d FINALLY FOUND some sock yarn…I was at my son’s house in Alabama…I stayed up ALL NIGHT knitting that first sock. It was in the only yarn I could find anywhere and I’d looked all day. It was just Simply Stripes–not even very pretty–but darn it–I HAD it!! I got some Susan Bates dps at the A.C Moore’s that I’d found the yarn, and started.

I thought the ribbing would take forever, but I loved getting down to the heel. I felt like I’d really accomplished something when I turned the heel right after a few of tries!! Whoever thought first of turning a heel like that was really smart, I thought!

Then it seemed like forever til I got down to the toe where I could do something besides just stockinette, but it took me QUITE a few times to get the Kitchener right on the toe. Gee–I almost gave up! WHen I had that one sock made, though, I knew I was going to knit a lot more socks!! It IS addicting! :smiley:

(The only bad thing is --I could not understand it when I showed it to my family and they kinda shrugged and nodded like it was nothing!! My son even said not to bother knitting him any–he hated the stripes!!)

Sorry–I get excited about SOCKS!! Yep–I KNOW what you mean!! Welcome to KH.com–you’re going to love it here!! :inlove: