I'm so disappointed

I saw a nice knitted bag at a LYS on Monday. I bought all the yarn I needed to make it and the wooden handles and the pattern. I could see that the lady that knitted the one in the shop changed the bag by using wooden handles and not knitted ones like the pattern called for. I really LOVED how that bag looked. So after spending $79.00 on all the supplies I started knitting the bag the very next day.

Well today I am done with it but I realize now that the lady changed a few more things other than just the handle from the original pattern. The bag calls for a gusset of 4 1/2 inches. Well now I can see my bag is not like the one in the yarn shop. She must NOT have used that big of a gusset. This store is about a 45 minute ride from my house so I can’t get there right away to go check and “compare”.

I put the lining in my bag this morning and it coordinates so nicely but I’m so disappointed :oops: that my bag does not look as well as the one in the yarn shop. My knitting is good and I followed the pattern except for the handles. I guess I’ll use it as a tote for some of my knitting projects but I really wanted an every day bag to use and be proud of. That was a lot of money just to have “another” knitting tote bag.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can be sure I don’t make this mistake again? I’ve only been knitting for about a year so I know I have a lot to learn!! If I had known then what I know now I would have sat down with a tape measure and measured the bag and compared it to the what the pattern calls for. Thanks for listening. :oops:

I don’t want to encourage an snotty behavior, BUT, I feel that if the bag was sitting there as an example for the pattern and supplies you bought, it should have been a pretty close replica of the pattern. At the very least you should call them and tell them what happened to you. It isn’t as if they should give you all your money back, but you are unhappy. Maybe they could give you a discount on the supplies you need to make another one the way the one in the store was made, and you can give yours away as a gift?

celine - i agree with CarmenIbanez - if there was an actual bag on display with the pattern, it should have either been exactly what the pattern was or had something posted by it to note the changes the knitter made (including the handles, although that was a very visible difference). i would definitely call them if you can’t get there soon, and speak with a manager if possible. perhaps the store doesn’t even realize the displayed bag is different, at least they would be able to rectify that and let the knitter know to not make changes or make note of them on any future projects.

as for the other dilemma of avoiding this in the future, the measuring of the display item is a good idea, since the pattern should have finished sizes in it. i’m a very new knitter myself, but i try to read through the pattern and visualize it; for any measurements supplied (i.e., “cont in pattern til piece measures 9 inches”) i usually check a tape measure to see just exactly how long that is. sometimes i measure existing items to see what those dimensions are for comparison, like the width or height of a purse i have or the length of sleeves. i think, too, that as time goes by and you knit more, you get a better grip on what the finished product will look like before and during the knitting.

another thought - what’s the bag made of? is it possible to felt it or take in the seams a bit to make it smaller?

Thanks ladies for your suggestions. The bag is made of Noro which has some polyester colorful threads running thru it. I really LOVE the yarn. I paid $11.00 for each of the 5 skeins so thats where the biggest expense was.

When the purse at the shop was displayed…it was sitting on top of the basket of that Noro yarn. I asked if they had a pattern for the handbag and they had to search for it then brought it out to me. But I think your suggestions of posting the CHANGES that were made in the one on display is an excellent idea.

In the future I really will try and “study” the display along with the directions so hopefully I can catch anything I need to.

I just realized I bought all of that yarn on Monday and I finished the bag this morning! :XX: :XX: :XX: I guess I knit fast and I do love the process of knitting even more than the finished projects!! I guess this knitting is going to be an expensive hobby for me. But its worth it.

Trust me, this is only the beginning. Its a really good idea to try and get to know the people at the LYS too, that way, they are familiar with your skills and make suggestions and give you tips.