I'm so confused!

I just got my order of Malabrigo Gruesa in Marrongon (I ordered it from Fabulousyarn.com nearly 2 weeks ago) but it’s labeled as Pearl Ten which is gray. I’m a bit confused because they don’t carry Pearl Ten and it looks nothing like that color. However, it also looks quite a bit darker than the Marrongon which is a light rosy-brown. Actually, it looks like both colors mixed together and darker. So are their photos off, or am I crazy? Should I send it back and get the “correct” color or is this the correct color? I’d post a pic but they aren’t looking anything like this yarn color or the ones on the website.:hair: This is so frustrating. I’d hate to send it back only to get the same thing because it’s the correct color.:help:

I suggest contacting the people you bought it from and ask them. Maybe they substituted?

Is there a phone # or an email? I know when people have problems with websites the people are actually a big help with solving whatever problem you have. Good luck!

It can be hard to tell the actual color from a computer monitor- different monitors will make the colors look very different.

I have ordered from them in the past (they have the best price I could find on Malabrigo). They have been great to work with so I would call and talk to them and see what they say.

Good luck!