I'm so confused - please help with pattern!

Hi All,

I’m new to knitting, and I’m having a time trying to figure out what this pattern means:

Left Neckline Shaping
bind off at neck edge 5 sts once, then 3 sts twice, and 1 st 3 times.

I started the bind off on the purl side just fine, but I’m confused from there. Should I finish the row, start the knit side and bind off three at the end of the knit row? If so, how do I do it so I don’t have an end loop? Please help!

Thanks everyone!

A bindoff is always at the beginning of the row, no matter knit or purl. So finish the row, turn and knit then turn again and BO 3 sts and purl the row. You don’t have to bind off on every row.

Thanks, I did try that, and it gave me six more rows than I needed (matching my back piece to the front, the front came out too long!). Perhaps I can modify how many stitches I bind off. Thanks again!