I'm so brain-damaged... LOL

Hey everyone,

Time for me to poke fun at myself for a moment… :doh:

I’ve been here for basically five months, and up to yesterday, I’ve completely misinterpreted what the heck a Knit-A-Long is… I’m not sure even what totally changed my perspective but… oh well.

When I first saw the description, in my deluded brain, I was thinking someone starts a project… gets to a certain point and then mails it to the next person who goes farther… etc…

And I kept thinking to myself… dang, you’d have to be really good to do that… to match up with someone else’s knitting. Not to mention those would have to be some major projects… :shock:

Lucky for you all… brain-damage is NOT contagious.
:oops: :rofling:

My daughter likes to say Drain-bamaged!

Actually, there is something like that. Not here, though. Someone might know something about it. You could probably do something like that with afghan squares. It would be interesting to see what each person added.

I don’t think it would work with clogs, though. :thinking: :smiley:

I’ve also used Dain-Bramaged.

Well since you brought it up … :roflhard: :roflhard: That’s too funny, you brave soul to poke such fun :wink:

poke poke… poke poke poke…


actually, knitting a bunch of squares for an afgan sounds kinda kewl. THen we could donate them to a homeless shelter or something.

You’re giving us guys a bad name…!! :roflhard:
Maybe you could use the excuse that you’re a “Natural Blond”

Pokety Pokey…
why not laugh at yourself before anyone else does i always say!

besides… i think joel just did it for the pokin’ :shock:

Oh… there are so many places I could go with that statement… :rofling:

Dang that PG rating!!!

The PG rating only makes us more creative in our knottiness. :smiley:

Is that what it is… although certain threads in here are pushing the NC17 rating… lol