I'm so bored!

I have to rant for a mintue and only knitters will understand…

I’m making the Pignoli bag from berrocco for my MIL - her bday party is in 2 weeks. Stockingette and reverse stockinette as far as the eye can see and I am bored out of my mind! The bag is enormous even when it’s felted, I have 7 feet of strap to do. this feels like the neverending bag and b/c I have a time limit (and no money right now!) I really can’t start anything else so I can take a break from the monotony. Grrrrrrrr! (I totally love the yarn though, it’s the new one Peruvia.)

I’m not an expert on felting, but couldn’t you just use another stitch (something like seed stitch – not a lacy one) and get pretty much the same end result? It may help break up the monotony.

I thought about that. On the Berrocco site the pattern calls this a corragated stitch, with bands of stockinette and reverse stockinette 8 rows to each band. I pulled out my Lucy bag and the knit side doesn’t look any different than the purl side so I’m wondering how much texture will be there when I do felt it. I have to admit that I didn’t do a swatch - I know, bad girl! - so I don’t know how it’s going to look. Maybe the texture will show with this yarn. We’ll find out. On the plus side, I can do this and not pay a lick of attention to the stitches themsleves, I can knit and purl in my sleep.

You know, I thought about that after I posted. :doh: If the pattern specifically calls for corrugated rib, it probably will make a difference in the end product. Might be subtle (depending on how much how much you felt it), but why would they tell you do that if it doesn’t matter? Silly me. It also occurs to me now that you may just have posted in search of consolation rather than a “solution.” If so, here’s a hug: :hug: . You’ll get through it!

Sometimes you just have to think of the end product - how good it’s going to look when done. That keeps me going a lot of times. Other times I have to set it down and do something quick and satisfying in between bouts with it.

:hug: to you too Jane! I know it’s going to look awesome when it’s finished, I’m looking forward to making one for myself, so eye on the prize it is. I’ll have something else to switch off with wwhen i do mine though!

You know… since it’s going to be felted, mistakes aren’t going to show, right?

This would be a good time to practice knitting in a different style… like Continental?

Or practice knitting without looking… This is a great trick for when you’re watching a movie!

And if you make a teensy mistake, who’s gonna know. And the frustration from trying to learn these new skills will surely keep you entertained, AND make you GLAD it’s only stockingette! :teehee: