I'm so ashamed

I am so ashamed. I’ve been working on The Envelope Afghan since March! :shock: The pattern is so easy that it’s boring the absolute he!! out of me!!!

sigh :help:
Just thought I’d vent a bit. :? One day I’ll “seal the envelope”…

Honey…u r preaching to the choir, as the saying goes!! I felt that way when I just knit the afghan for my nephew’s wedding earlier this month or late last month. I break up the monotony by doing a fun project like socks in the middle of the afghan. AND…now I find out I’ve got another nephew getting is getting married July 30, I found out last week!! Well, his afghan will be very late!! I enjoy knitting afghans…a lot!! But, you are ever so correct, they can get B.O.R.I.N.G.
Please, don’t be embarrassed…happens to all of us!! I’m embarrassed that I forgot that I had my yarn for a booga bag until somebody said something about it today or yesterday. I got the yarn right before the socks dealy and after all that began I guess I’ve forgotten everything. I really need to go thru my project list and update it and this time do the yarn, needles, and books and put it all on computer…but that doesn’t mean that I will :smiley: …I am thinking about it!
[color=orange]OKAY, ekgheiy …THIS IS AN ORDER (I’m positive that I am older than you, so you have to respect your elders):: Put the afghan down and knit something fun and then go back to it and your attitude will have changed!![/color]

e, I feel your pain. I’ve had poncho #2 on the needles for about 5 months and I just can’t bear to pick it up because it’s sooooo boring. Poncho #1 was great beginner’s practice…but #2 is torture…I try to keep it hidden but every so often DD sees it and asks when I’m going to finish. :shock:

Is that March of this year?? Oh, Honey, you have nothing to feel bad about! I agree with the other posters here----change direction for a time. The afghan will look much beter in a week or two.

When I saw March, I counted, hmm. . . . April, May, June, July. Let’s see I’ve got that sweater that needs the sleeve redone sitting on my dresser since, lets see, this time last year. And the other one that needs 1 1/2 sleeves since at least March, and , and, and. . Not to mention the afghan that I abandoned for felted clogs.

I do know, though, that IT WILL ALL GET DONE! In it’s own time. When I feel like it. :wink:

Ek, I know the feeling. I am where you are still :XX: the same Afghan. Mine might be done by the end of the year… :smiley:

well, i’ve knit 10 afghans since March. so get on it!!! :wink:


:XX: :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX:

And she did it this way–with her “virtual knitter!”

How long do knit at one sitting? I know it differs but the average amount of time.

Hilde, you :XX: 10 Afghans since March? :thumbsup:

Take a break! Do something fun! Rebecca is always right :slight_smile:

I always have to be doing more than one project at once. I must be one of those “ADD” knitters.

Go back and look at the bottom of that post! Hee hee!

Oh Hilde, your a sly one :roflhard:

I missed that :— !!!