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I love baseball, I have played that or softball since I was 5 and have been obsessed with the dodgers for about that long. I really hope they resign Manny, LA loves him!!! I think more and more young people should take up knitting, it is a great way for to stay occupied and take pride in what you make. I’m trying to work in the juvenile justice system and I think a knitting program would be a great way to teach young offenders to take pride and believe in themselves.

I have never had this problem and I’ve known how to knit since I was 10 years old.

I’ve had a couple of negative comments from people but mostly my friends are supportive. I got one of them knitting a few months ago and I know a couple of other people who knit. My housemates were a little skeptical but then watched me knit my first pair of socks - that made them take notice. The people who are negative about it are usually the ones who are jealous because they think they can’t do it.

I live in L.A and didn’t even know this place existed! I’ll have to check it out. Thanks Debkcs :slight_smile:

Dodgerfan - there are a lot of cool young people knitting. I am only in my 30s - certainly not a little old lady. Your friends can think what they want, but you are doing something productive and cool. They just seem to be wasting their time.

I have a knitting group and we have young pp there in their 20’s and I am 54. We have a variety of ages.
So it is for everyone and is making a come back with the younger pp too.
Everyone should know a craft in case some day you need to rely on that. Ya never know.

I sometimes get teased about it, but this past Christmas I mentioned to everyone in our family that we were going to do Homemade or Handmade gifts and thats what everyone got from me. Next year the same thing and I suggested all the young ones learn a craft and show what they can make-------------even if it is a food item

Just ignore those teasing pp and if they accept any of your gifts, they might learn the value in it.


Some people take longer to grow up than others. If you love knitting then just ignore, their stupidity. Just remember those that make fun of you later on . Those are the one’s that won’t get one of your awesome hand knitted projects , that others are asking for.
Like felted clogs! my friends made fun of them while I was making them ,until the saw my finished clogs. The one’s that laughed and made fun of me ,will never know how wonderful these clogs are.

By the way, knitting is not an age or gender thing. I only wish I had started when I was younger, I started at age 53 and I’m 56 now ,I can’t believe that I wasted all those years not knitting.

There are so many crafts and arts that are being lost to the youth of today, I love seeing younger people bringing it back into style.

Keep knitting!!!:x:

That was very well said. And you’re right! This especially helps me because I’m a 15 year old knitter, so imagine how much I get made fun of!

I’ll be your friend. Who needs folks like that anyway?

lots of things you could say: http://shop.cafepress.com/knitting

esp the ones on the shirts :slight_smile:

That’s awesome, way to go, I actually know a few people younger than you so hang in there and who cares what people say :slight_smile:

How odd… making fun of someone who knits would be like making fun of someone who paints or sculpts or engages in any art activity. I’ve knit for over 30 years and can honestly say no one has ever made fun of me for knitting, shown interest or curiosity but never ridicule.

I cannot even begin to imagine what type of person would make fun of somoen for being creative. In fact that is most likely exactly what I would say.

Aww, dont take it to heart… I work nights and take my knitting to work with me, there some ppl that pick on me but in a friendly kind of way, I just laugh back and tell them to shut up… Now they are used to it and some of them even come up to check how far I’ve gotten on my scarf or whatever I’m knitting at the moment.

Some people just always have to pick on other people. :eyebrow2: When I’m getting picked on, I tend to just smile sweetly and ignore whatever the comments are.

I’ve been lucky that no one has picked on me about my knitting (that I’ve noticed – I do have to admit that I have selective hearing :lol:)

However, at Christmas I was getting a lot of comments about being pregnant with baby #3, and rather than react, I would just smile and not respond. I really think some of them were just trying to get some kind of a reaction out of me! :noway:

I get a lot of ribbing for knitting (and crocheting), and I’m 44. Overall, I get more grief for the crocheting, as everyone associates that with grandmothers and rocking chairs.

My personal favorite are the people who dismiss it as “a waste of time.” These are usually the same people who are capable of spending 6 hours at a time watching DVDs while munching on Fritos.

Perhaps if you dig up some patterns to show them for knitted thongs and other racy lingerie that would shut them up… :roflhard: