I'm SERIOUSLY messing something up

And I don’t know what!I’m about to give up!This is apparently why I have only been able to finish one thing in almost 2 months!

When I try to knit and purl,the yarn ends up all crossed over and I have like twice as many stitches as when I started!What could I be doing?:gah:

Make sure that when change the yarn position from the back (for knit) to the front (for purl), that you move the yarn between the needles. If you go over the needle, you create what is called a yarn over (YO) and that creates a new stitch

If you’re knitting and purling on the same row, you may be moving the yarn over the needle, causing the extra sts, instead of moving it between the needle tips. Look in the Tips section, there’s a video under Basic Sts for ribbing which shows how to do it. The seed st one is similar too.

You will be so glad when you figure this out!! I have been knitting for a few years and never had a problem with “extra stitches” and then I did a project with yo’s and it took 4 TRIES to get it right!!! I read about the stitch in two books and two online videos and just couldn’t get the hang of it! I was so mad at myself for not being able to do what others did by “mistake”!!!

BTW, the knittinghelp video was the one that finally did the trick!! Made it really easy!

Thanks everyone for your help!I FINALLY got it figured out and it’s amazing how much smoother and quicker my projects are going!:woohoo: I knew I was messing something up but couldn’t figure it out!Knitting is much more enjoyable now!:woot: I haven’t unraveled anything all day!!:thumbsup:

I just wanted you to know that you aren’t alone. When I started knitting in mid-August, I was teaching myself. Despite having a book with lots of pictures so that I could “learn visually” it never mentioned passing the yarn between the needles for when you have to switch front/back! I was confused and frustrated for a few days until other people here helped me out, too. Like you, it has been fine ever since. :slight_smile: