I'm selling on eBay


I haven’t been able to post much lately as I’m getting ready to move, destination unknown, probably Washington. I’m a native Californian, so I’m kind of sad about this. I can no longer afford this state that I love so much. The upside is I like Washington, and Oregon, which is the other choice - well, ok, I guess I could have said I just love the Pacific Northwest!

Anywho, I’ve finally started selling on eBay. I am treasuresellers. No yarns yet (I got my first wheel earlier this year), but today I’m planning on listing some knitting pattern books - just a few to start.

I am also currently selling autographed romance novels, hardcover and paperbacks and I’ll list more today. My mom belongs to Romance Writers of America and went to several conferences where most of the books were signed. I’m also selling conference collectibles.

If you have any questions about anything, or concerns about this post, please post here or send me a message here or on eBay. Amy thought maybe I should put this post under Blogs, but that seems to be more life-chatter to me.


I would have thought buy/sell/swap…your post wont get lost at the bottom of the page as quickly there…

Are you by any chance selling a swift or ball winder?? :mrgreen:

I was thinking buy/sell/swap was for strictly knitting stuff and since I have mostly other types of things… But maybe you’re right. I’m open to being moved if the Mama-mods think it SHOULD BE MOVED. Up to y’all.

Still working on the knitting patterns listings…

Actually my dad made me an awesome swift. I must push him to make another or to let me post a pic. He was thinking of selling them and for less than most. Let me go chat with him over lunch now… :slight_smile:


Thanks for moving my post!

:oops: Well, my bad. I wasn’t able to write up all the knitting pattern books and I wanted to list them all at once in case somebody actually bought more than one and wanted to combine shipping. So will try to get those up for next Sunday. I’m listing first time objects on Sunday and relisted objects on a weeknight - haven’t decided which one.

About the swift. I prodded, hard, but he’s resistant because the garage is a wee bit cramped for space. Maybe I’ll wax mine and post a picture and see if there is any interest. I know there will be, but I think he needs more prodding. sigh

If I ever get the large ball winder I lust for, I might sell my regular size (4oz.) one. Hmmm…the large would be a good thing to request for Christmas…