I'm scared

My Mom’s bday in in Oct. and I have 100grams of “fortissiuia cottolaua” schoeller esslinger yarn (60meters) She wears an 81/2 shoe, what sock pattern do you suggest I use to make her socks? This will be my first sock pattern. I’d like something pretty, maybe lacy like, but not to difficult. I’ve made a hat with dpn but nothing else. I need to get on it but I feel chicken. HELP! :aww:

I’m assuming this is Fortissima sock yarn, right? How many yds do you have? I wear size 8 1/2-9 shoe and always have had enough yarn for my socks when I use 100gr of sock yarn.
As for a pattern, for your 1st sock I recommend using silver’s sock tutorial and pattern.

Silver’s page suggests I use 420 yards and I only have 60 meters, which is no where near 420 yards…and I dont see anything but plain socks. The yarn is blue and grey so it’s not going to self stripe.

Oh, 60 meters is no where near enough for a sock, not even close on 2…sorry.

maybe I’ll try socks w/bigger yarn…humm
maybe make a stocking for my dd 1st Christmas