I'm ready to felt for the first time

Okay, I feel like I’m getting ready to go out on my first date!! I really really wanna felt this bag I just made, but I’m afraid I’m going to mess it up!!!

Any advice on felting? My pattern just says to wash it in hot water, with a small bit of laundry soap (not detergent). It says not to add anything else to the washer. My LYS mentioned putting it in a mesh bag to felt it.

This is my second attempt at reading a pattern- I’m so glad I was able to finish it!! Gee, now I’ll have to go back to the yarn store for another project to start!! :smiley:

I would put it in a zippered pillowcase, as a mesh bag might let fuzz out into your washer.

Also, put a couple/few pairs of jeans in with it to add agitation.

When they say SMALL amt of laundry soap, they mean SMALL! Like, a tablespoon! I put 1/4 cup or so in the first time I felted & there were SUDS everywhere!

Otherwise, just GO FOR IT!! We’ve all had the first time jitters…and it all turns out GREAT in the end! Very UNlike my first “date”. :roflhard: