I'm pulling my hair out! Paintbox rainbow cardigan

I’m knitting the rainbow cardigan from paintbox in a size 4-5 and I’m completely stuck on the right front panel where the buttonholes come.

So I’ve found this cardigan easy to knit so far but I think I’ve lost the plot on this particular bit!
I’ve knitted the cream bit up to where the decreasing at the arm starts and I’ve added my blue. To add the blue the right side of my work needs to be facing me and the tail for the new colour yarn is on the buttonhole side. I’ve knitted the eight rows in blue and i’m ready to join my green…but hang on my work is around the wrong way!

I’ve counted my rows correctly…I’ve even undone the blue and redone it to make sure and in still ending on the incorrect side …
I have no idea what I’ve done wrong! Please help!

Here’s the pattern:

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When you say your work is the wrong way around, do you mean that the wrong side (WS) is facing? You should have 4 ridges when you look on the right side (RS) or public side of the front. That’s 8 rows and will bring you back to the buttonhole edge.
If you’re at the raglan edge, you may have missed a row (knit across to the buttonhole edge to fix) or added an extra row (take out the last row worked).
It may help to post a photo of your work.