Im proud of myself!

Went camping with Mr PG last weekend. Took needles, and some Sugar and Cream yarn to putz around with…and a small stitch book in a fit of “OMG YOU CAN DO EET!” that I bought from Wally World. :oops:

And guess what?

I DID LEARN 2! :cheering:

I learned a MOSS STITCH…

Multiples of 2 sts.
Row 1- (RS) (K1, P1) across
Row 2- (K1, P1 ) across
Row 3 (P1, K1) across
Row 4 (P1, K1) across
Repeat 1-4 for pattern

Easy peasy…yes…so why do I post about it? Cause the NEXT one I did was a TEENSY bit more intricate…yet only K and P.

Divided Boxes

Multiples of 5 sts.
Row 1- (RS) knit across
Row 2- (K1, P4) across
Rows 3 and 4 (K3, P2) across
Row 5- (K1, P4) across
Rows 6 & 7- Knit across
Repeat rows 2-7 for pattern.

The one I plan on attacking next is the GOBLETS pattern

Multiples of 6 +2 sts.

Row 1- (RS) P3, K2, (P4, K2) across to last 3 sts, P3.
Row 2- K3, P2, (K4, P2) across to last 3 sts, K3.
Row 3 and 4 -Repeat rows 1 and 2
Row 5- P2, (K4, P2) across.
Row 6- K2, (P4, K2) across.

So yeah, I take every little victory that I accomplish and savor it to the very last cold drop. grin

And Mr. PG is happy, cause the Divided Boxes is being made into camp washclothes and towels for him to take THIS weekend. :cheering:

So needless to say, he was asking me yesterday, “Are you going yarn shopping?” when I went grocery shopping last night. I said, “well, I will if I MUST…” :teehee: He had a request for some brown and green clothes, so I picked up some more S&C of those colors, and…AND…a sock pattern book, and some DPNs to start practicing THOSE now.

Pardon me for bragging, Im just so thrilled. Its like it all just clicked into place… :roflhard: No more just knit or purl stiches…I might advance to something better than a towel.

:cheering: :cheering:

Celebrate every little victory ~!Your doing just GREAT on your knitting journey… But it will get worse :verysad:

because your going to see alll sorts of new stitches and things to knit and you wont’ know which one to try out first~! :eyebrow: :eyebrow:

Way to go! :happydance:

:cheering: :cheering: WTG :cheering: :cheering: You should be proud!

-dramatically- No- you can’t make me go YARN shopping!! no- I just Won’t!
BF: yes- yes you will my pretty and you will knit me SOCKS!

no- don’t make me buy beautiful sock yarn!!

-insert silent movie piano music…-

LOL- I can see it now…

:roflhard: :rofl: :roflhard:

Oh, so THAT’S the trick! I have yet to convince my DH that all this knitting is a “good thing”…but he’s not a sweater-wearer, so I guess he figures there’s nothing in it for him. :teehee:

I think DH likes it cause I go camping with him. :roflhard: :roflhard: I HATE camping…

I love camping. I think it would be great to knit sitting at a camp fire.

Congrats on your accomplishments. :cheering:

Would you have those kewl knitting needles with the lights on the ends?


Would you have those kewl knitting needles with the lights on the ends?


Hmmm there’s a thought!

I can just see it now!

Firefly Brand Needles. For those nights when you just CANT sleep. KNIT!

Thanks on the congrats! I dont post alot, with kids and all, but I read here ALOT, and seeing the help, and encouragment here makes me happy! :muah: