Im pregnant!

im not pregnant but my cousin is!!

Well then you probably shouldn’t say you are :lol: …I guess that’s why you want to make a baby blanket. :thumbsup:

well I just now found out im having a baby :woot: hehe just got the results my husband freaked!!


You’re full of contradictions here… you said it wasn’t you, but your cousin and in another post you said you couldn’t state your age because you were a kid. :?? You’ll get a long best in the forum if you just be honest.

I meant a kid to knitting and I didn’t want people to hear my silly sayings because I was afaid what they would say so i am being real here!!


I am not sure that I understand what is going on here, but congrats to who ever is pregnant!!! :aww:

Congrats!!! :thumbsup:

If I understood your second post correctly, both you and your cousin are now expecting and if that’s the case, congrats to you both. If on the other hand I’m wrong, congrats to who ever it is that IS expecting.

Thanks for all the congrats to me and my cousin :slight_smile: we are both happily expecting and loving it

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Well congrats to both of you.