I'm Pregnant! I found out because of

my Ravelry invite checker. Every morning I check to see how many people got in Ravelry overnight. A few days ago I looked at the date I signed up (July 16) and realized my period was late. Well surprise, surprise we are pregnant with baby #2! I’m really thrilled. My son is 3. He will be thrilled when we finally tell him. Here’s to a happy and healthy 8 more months!

how cool that ravelry was involved! :wink:




Now I’m afraid to check my Ravelry!:rofl::rofl:



That’s wonderful on both counts! Congratulations!


Congrats! :cheering:


Congrats and now you can knit some lovely baby things :slight_smile:

If you’re pregnant…can you jump the ravelry queue? :slight_smile:

How cool is that?! What a great story to share with your little knitter someday!

Congratulations and best wishes for a happy, healthy pregnancy and baby!

I was quite shocked when I found out I was pregnant.

Imagine how relieved I was when I found out I had just eaten too much pzza!

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

ha… Mason…you made me LOL. :wink:

I can’t wait to knit baby stuff. I wasn’t a knitter when my son was a baby, so this is my first chance. I’ll probably wait to find out the gender before I go too nuts!

I think I’ll e-mail the Ravelry folks my story and see if that’s worthy of an invite.

My work is done :cool:


Congratulations!! And unless a miracle occurs, I don’t have to worry about checking my ravelry! TG!


oh baby! i love babies! congratulations…:yay:

Yay, congratulations :happydance: