I'm pathetic

I have an hour dinner break tonight (working 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.) and I went to the LYS and bought needles and yarn so I can knit a facecloth. I bought yarn I already have, and needles I already have so I could knit for 30 minutes, what is left of my dinner break.

Did I think about food, NO, so I will be sitting here hungrey, but knitting, on needle size I have 4 of, with yarn I don’t need, because apparently my skills at planning are about kindergarden level! Sigh

I’ve done the same thing…I sort of panic if I am without my knitting!

ok… you never can have enough yarn… this way you have spare needles for emergency stash for next time… so there is no problem…

(ask me anything I can come up with justification for it… lol)


as most will tell you, there is no such thing as too much yarn–even if it’s all of the same kind. As for the needles…don’t even ask me how many pairs of size 10 I have–I swear bought 200 sets of size 10 and 8 when I first started knitting–it was the only sizes I used a lot and I kept wanting to try new brands of needles…so I just kept buying the same size…lol!

Just gnaw on the ends of your needles if you get hungry. :teehee:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

Especially if they’re bamboo… Doesn’t that count as a food source? Lots of pandas thrive on it!


Next time~ make a list of yarn that you would like from your LYS… that way if you get in stash exploration mode… you have alist of yarn that you want and need.
I can’t fuss at you though… because many time retail therapy is just what the doctor ordered… I know many times I go to HL or Michaels or Joannns and just look around and let my mind wander… and my bad day just floats away~~ :teehee:

i was just about to leave this thread, when i had to hit back and just say…

Oh my Lord - the mark of the devil… aineepooh1’s posts have hit 666. That might have changed by the time anyone else reads this, but i saw it!

I saw it too !!! :teehee:

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