I'm part of "the club"!

[B][U]I[/U] [U]JUST[/U] [U]FINISHED[/U] [U]MY[/U] [U]FIRST[/U] [U]SOCK!!![/U][/B] I’m part of the “I-know-how-to-knit-socks” club!!!


I made an actual heeled sock with a toe (instead of “cheating” and starting with a tube sock like I was going to do initially to get my feet wet with making socks)!!! I made my own pattern using the Knitty article on top-down socks (and next I’ll be using Silver’s tutorial on how to do toe-up socks so I know how to do them that way, too–thanks, Silver! :muah:) and I did a feather and fan pattern for the calf and down the top of the foot :happydance:!!!

I EVEN finished the sock with a Kitchener stitch :happydance: instead of what I was originally going to do (just drawing the yarn through the remaining stitches) thanks to Amy’s AWESOME video (thanks Amy! :muah:)

The only thing I was a bit disappointed about was that for whatever reason, the heel on one side looks awesome, but the other side looked a bit sloppy (the decreases called for k2tog’s on one side, and SKP’s on the other, so I’m guessing either my k2tog’s or my SKP’s are to blame). It’s also a bit snugger than I would’ve liked because for whatever reason, I didn’t notice the “Change to your [I][U]larger[/U][/I] needles about an inch or two into your knitting” part, so I knitted the entire sock on the smaller needles, but all in all, a great first attempt, I think.

For such a small little project, it was a lot of knitting–I was surprised! :ick: I’ll never take socks for granted again! :teehee:

Will this sock have a mate? I don’t know, but I know that if I needed to or wanted to knit another pair, I know how to “turn a heel”, make a “gusset”, and make a [I][U]seamless[/U][/I] toe, and I’m not scared anymore of socks!!! :cheering:

But I couldn’t have done it without everybody in this group’s help, so THANK YOU to everybody that posts tips and helpful information and videos, as well as everybody that posts good questions I would’ve never thought to ask!!! It’s like a hundred people went into knitting this little sock! :rofl:

Just wanted to say good for you! :yay: :aww:

:woohoo::cheering::woot::happydance:. Way to go! :yay:

Yay! Congratulations!!


All these little guys running around woohooing for you!! Welcome to “the club!” Now go make your next sock or you get kicked out. :roflhard:

Oh meant to add, after a few washings and wearings, you won’t really be able to tell the difference between your ssk’s and your k2tog’s They eventually even themselves out.

Congrats!!! :slight_smile:


Whew! That’s good to know! I don’t know why that happened. :sad:

Congratulations and welcome! :woot:

Congratulations! You’re gonna love knitting socks throughout your life.

Congrats! :hug: We have a new member! :rofl:

:woot::woot::woot::woot:You are going to enjoy making more socks so go and make the second sock, so that you can wear them and brag that I made these.

Congrats! I am a new member of that club as well and know how good ! Although I am also a member of the second sock syndrom club sigh… Way to go it is one heck of an accomplishment!

Congrats! There certainly is a great amount of satisfaction upon finishing your first sock, isn’t there? I was very taken with my own cleverness when I finished mine, hee. Of course then I come back to earth when I see all of the beeeeyoutiful socks here! Heh.

Hang in there and don’t let the Second Sock Syndrome goblins get ya! :teehee: I know I’ve fallen prey to them myself, the little buggers!

Again, great job and welcome to the wonderful world of sock knitting, it will suck you right in and never let you go! :happydance:

I felt [I][U]totally[/U][/I] clever when I finished that sock–I showed EVERYBODY in the family (they’re all like, “Wow…yeah…um…look, she made a sock” :rofl:) and yes, I feel inadequate when I see everybody else’s projects around here (not just socks!) because everyone else here is a total knitting professional. That sock was just a trial for my toddler (I chose to knit a smaller sock so I could have instant gratifaction on a smaller project) and it was a bit big once I tried it on her, but still, I’m not going to sell myself short and nitpick (or is it “[B][U][COLOR=red][I]k[/I][/COLOR][/U][/B]nitpick” :rofl:) on this particular project (though I often do on all my other projects!) because I’m really proud of myself. I didn’t know ANYTHING about knitting socks–none of the terminology or techniques, and of course, there’s SO MUCH MORE to learn because there’s a million different ways to knit socks, but I learned one technique, and I feel good about that, and I completed it from start to finish and didn’t give up when I didn’t understand something.

For the future though, I’d like to make it a goal to knit two socks at once. It seems like it would make the most sense to me to make two identical articles of clothing at the same time, but that’s in the future for me. In the meantime I found two sweater patterns that I think I can make, and I’m THRILLED TO DEATH that I think I can even tackle them, so I want to get started knitting at least one of them. If I can do either one and it will be wearable :rofl:, I will feel like a “real” knitter!

Congratulations!! You’ll be hooked now!:woot:

I learned how to knit socks from the Toe Up method and enjoy it. I usually knit a pair about every six months so I don’t forget how to do them. I’m a “use it or lose” it sort of gal.:teehee: I’m afraid I’d forget how to do them if I don’t knit them every once in awhile.:knitting:

It would be very cruel to leave the poor sock mateless. You should always cast on the mate the moment you finish the first one.

Welcome to the I-like-knitting-socks club.

Way to Go! It is such an awesome feeling!

And… the bonus to casting on the second sock right away is that when you finish the second sock you get the same rush plus some because you DIDN’T fall prey to Second Sock Syndrome.

It is totally worth it!

[And how smart are you to pick small socks for your first attempt and not a pair of size 15 mens socks like some one I know very well]