I'm off!

I am off to see my mom for a week with the kiddies. (5 hours in a car just me and kids :shock: :doh: ) But it will be fun to see Mom. Miss me tons and hopefully I will have some FO’s to show off when I return!
Later my favorite Peeps!

:waving: Have a safe and FUN trip!!! :heart:

:waving: have a good time!

Have a safe trip and lots of fun!! :waving: :waving:

Bye Mint! Stay outta trouble, now. Bring back lots of FO’s!

:waving: Have a wonderful time!! Safe travels!! :heart:

have a great trip! =D

hope you have a wonderful trip!!! :cheering:

awwww and you are going to miss the 25% off everything sale at String of Purls!..well that will make the DH happy i suppose! :wink:

Have a great trip! Travel safe.

Hope ya’ll have lots of fun :thumbsup:

I hope you have a great time!! And that the kids don’t get too impatient in the car! Safe journey!!


Have a wonderful safe trip.

My DM used to say that any time she returned home with as many kids as she left with was a good trip!