I'm now a sweater knitter!

I finished my first sweater tonight! Details are on my blog.

Oh my goodness; it’s beautiful! What an incredibe first sweater! I’m so impressed :woot:

What a beautiful sweater, I love the color too! Great job! :cheering::woohoo::woot::happydance::yay:

I usually don’t click links, but I’m glad I did. It’s beautiful!

It’s gorgeous! I’m loving that color! :yay:


It’s lovely!

Wow! That’s a beautiful sweater. I can’t believe it’s your first!

Beautiful! I love it . it looks good on you .


Great job. Looks really nice on you.

Very nice! You did a great job!

That’s just beautiful work! And great, classic color :cheering:

Just gorgeous!

I like it, and the color is great.

:cheering: beautiful sweater. you did a great job!!

Kudos to you for tackling that as your first sweater project! Very well done!


That’s beautiful! You did an awesome job! :cheering:

:noway: what?? that’s your FIRST sweater??? :passedout:

I am totally impressed-it’s GORGEOUS!! :cheering:Great job-its a beautiful color too!

Great job, and just under 5 skeins! Wow, that does not seem too intimidating to me. Maybe I will have to make the leap to sweaters! I have done one child’s sweater, but would love to make a “grown-up” one. :slight_smile:

That’s lovely, well done! I have been eyeing that sweater, now seeing it in another colour and on you am sure it will be on my WIP list soon, looks great:cheering: