I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong!

HI! i’m COMPLETELY new to knitting and i’m not sure what i’m doing wrong. I want my stitches to run vertically on my scarf, but my stitches run horizontally. I’m not getting the braided look. PLEASE help me! thank you!

ARe you using a pattern? Most scarves are worked end to end, the long way, so the stitches the stitches are going to run that way. You cast on for the width and then knit lots and lots of rows to make the length.

If you want your stichtches to go the other way you will need to cast on the entire length of your scarf, and then knit enough rows to make the width.

OH… that sucks. thank you for all the help!!

You have to knit one row, then purl one row, then knit one row … “stockinette stitch” to get the “braided” look. If you have all horizontal “bumps” you are knitting every row. If your a new knitter, you may not have learned to purl yet. Amy’s videos are wonderful learning tools!

Ahhh yes, and when you knit stockinette, the ends and edges curl, so you need to use a different type of stitch as a border on all four sides or you’ll have a tube instead of a flat scarf.