I'm not doing something right

Trying my first Stockinette stitch… easy right? :evil: I don’t get how to start a row on a purl. Something is not going right. I remember reading that I can just “slip” the stitch. Well I tried that and I must be doing something wrong because I just end up with a hole in the side of my work. Any sugestions on what I am doing wrong?

It is true that when you slip a stitch to start a row, the stitch is kinda loose. To continue purling, after you slip the first stitch from the left to the right needle, pull the working yarn around front of the point of the right needle, not from behind the stitch. Then give a little tug. Also give a little tug when you knit your next stitch to see if that closes up the hole a little.


ok, but here is the delima… if you slip the first stitch and the last stitch ( I hope that is right, because I was never told what to do when I get to the end of a row… I just assumed on that part) doesn’t that just end up with an huge line up the sides of your work that is unworked? That is the “hole” I am talking about.

Only slip the first stitch. Work the last stitch. When you turn the work, the formerly last stitch becomes the first stitch of the new row, which you slip, and then work the entire row across (even the last stitch), turn, slip, work, turn, slip, work, etc.

Actually, this method is supposed to give you nice neat ends that look like they’re stockingette stitch. It also makes it easier to “pick them up” if you’re going to knit sideways (don’t get scared…you’ll understand by your second or third sweater).

So it sounds like you are doing everything right except slipping the last stitch.

Oh, there’s so much to learn!



:oops: Well, that works much better then doesn’t it. Thanks for the help; I think I have that now… now on to the next encounter that will perplex me!