I'm not a Sock Knitter & I'm oka with it

Today I frogged both my BFF socks. I was about 3" into the 2nd and notice I left out a cable. I decided I really don’t enjoy knitting socks. Plus, I don’t really even wear them. I will find something else to do with my sock yarn. I’m not sad about it just disappointed. Oh well…I gave a a real try (I knit 2.5 pair) I have plentry of other things I like to knit.

BTW, the pattern was really great, just not my thing…

It’s not really my thing either. I love wearing them, but I just don’t enjoy knitting with needles the size of toothpicks. :lol:

I don’t have the needles or the yarn, so I am not a sock knitter. But that is okay. :blooby:

I LOVE sock yarn… but usually it turns into a shawl ;o) in fact I’ve never (and have no desire to) knit a pair of socks.

I wouldn’t worry about it, one is not required to knit socks to be a “knitter”. I knit for over 30 years before tackling socks and it was just this past winter that I knit my very first pair. I now think they are fun and want to knit more but I can’t say that it ever occurred to me to knit a sock before. So set them aside ans someday you may go back, or not!!!

There are some very nice scarf and shawl patterns for sock yarn!

I have been knitting for almost 4 months now and just finished my first sock yesterday. I followed the online Silvers Sock class which wasn’t too bad. It’s not a pretty sock but I get the idea. I do think, however, I would like to learn to use cirs instead of DPNs!!

I would like to learn to make pretty socks that I could wear. That said, I don’t know when/if that is going to happen!! Crossed Fingers

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I knitted for over 20 years before I even tried to knit a Christmas stocking. You can easily make a baby’s cap, booties, sweater, etc., with that yarn.

There are so many things you can do with sock yarn!! You will find something…

I have even snatched all my friends left over balls so I can make stuff with them…My ravelry page is over run by 4" teddy bears!

Hi! :waving:

The bottom line is that you should knit what appeals to you. There’s no knitting law that I know of that says you’re not a true knitter if you don’t knit socks!!! :roflhard:

I will mention here, though, that I absolutely LOVE knitted socks - I love making them, wearing them, gifting them and getting all the wonderful comments back from the giftees!

The old Pillsbury jingle that says “Nothing says lovin’ like something from the oven” doesn’t hold up when compared to how much love goes into knitting a pair of socks for someone or how much comes back from the recipients!

But when I was first learning I found it very frustrating. I was so awkward!!! But I persisted and then tried every different way to make them that I could find, just to be sure I’d found the best method for me. I did dpn’s, one circ, two circs, two at a time on one long circ (that one really paid off!) and even did some leg warmers one inside the other on the same needles! That was a hoot and I can’t wait to try socks that way.


But, again, the bottom line is that you should pick your passion and knit those things that really appeal to you, even though they might be a bit difficult to learn or are awkward to do in the beginning.

Best of luck and happy knitting,

Ruthie :hug:

Multicolor self stripping sock yarn looks really pretty double stranded & worked as one with a coordinating solid strand. It is a good stash buster & makes the socks less busy. So you can use sock yarn for heaver weight projects.

If I had to knit socks on a size US1, I’d never knit them. It’s impossible for me to see the stitches without holding the work 10" from my face. Hey, maybe someday I’ll be able to knit by touch alone. Till then, I double strand & make boot socks on US6.

I love the feel of handmade socks. I think they have spoiled me. So I have several pairs. I have an orange pair on needles right now. And don’t mind making them on the larger needles.

I know I will make socks again because I love the way they feel on my feet…no toe seams. I have wide feet and can’t wear them easily in my shoes so I make heavier ones to wear as slipper socks. I do enjoy making the heavier ones, just not the ones that are thin enough to wear in shoes… like on size 1 needles.:lol:

I was going to suggest WW socks and the video tutorial from Knit Picks titled “Kelly’s Sock class”. She does an awesome job of simplifying the whole process on the videos.
I taught myself to knit socks and I didn’t enjoy the first two(not a pair). I felt accomplished, but I didn’t enjoy it. I took a long break from it, and now I enjoy it.
Whatever works for you.

I love how we’re all so different.

I keep buying smaller and smaller needles. I love knitting with them!! I just wish I could find something to do other than socks. :stuck_out_tongue:

:teehee: How about stuff in miniature! :lol:


I find it more enjoyable to knit socks with worsted weight but love the fingering yarns. I prefer using metal #1 needles instead of the bamboo I use for most other things. Bamboos that small feel like toothpicks. I would like to find some other patterns for the fingering weight for things like sweaters and vests. Has anyone seen any?

There are alot of beautiful vintage patterns worked on smaller needles. You might try search for vintage knitting & see what you find.

Sweet!! Thanks!!:woot:

Perfect for my short attention span!!!

Oh yeah, there are dozens of them. Are you on Ravelry? If so do a an advanced search and select the yarn weight and pattern (vest, etc). A few of the patterns are misplaced, but most will be the finer weight yarns. If you’re not a member join immediately! :teehee:

You can knit socks in worsted weight. I knit them on a size 3 or 4 needle because I like the fabric to be firm. I’m working towards knitting fingering weight on tiny needles, but honestly, I like the worsted weight socks I’ve knitted from Lion Brand Wool Ease. They are comfortable, not too thick, and machine washable and dryable. And they knit up fast too!

I’ve made them with worsted yarn. I got bored and frustrated with them, too. I will set my sock dreams aside for now. I know I can find something to do with the yarn…:thumbsup: