I'm New!

The videos are WAY cool.

I first learned to knit more than 20 years ago from my mother- and sister-in-laws. Mostly Christmas stockings and mittens.

Watching the news after Hurricane Katrina I got cranky. And decided I should knit a blanket for someone who’d lost theirs. I found a pattern on-line, drove over to Michael’s to get some yarn and anothhr needle and on October 10 I finished my first ever baby blanket.

In the process, I don’t know what got into me. I found kntting the blanket to be far more relaxing than the stockings I’d made over the years. I travel for work a lot (I’m a consultant about natural gas) and found knitting is a way better way to relax on an airplane. So since (i.e., in the LAST MONTH), I’ve made two fun fur scarves, a stocking for my new sister-in-law and a hat for my six-year-old friend Helen. I’m working on the matching scarf now. And I found knittinghelp.com looking for info. I am very glad to have found such a resource.

Here is me at the SCCA Solo II National Championships in September where I won my 8th National Championship and here also is the finished blanket, which is about to go off to Project Linus.

Thank you Amy and all who answer our questions.

Trying to get the picture from Topeka attached …

Welcome RacerKatie! Great pics, what a combo, knitting and racing! Wow. WTG, being the gal among the guys. :thumbsup:

Oh yes, LOVE the blanket, nice! :inlove:

ooh nice blanket! Welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to one of the funnest places on the web…is funnest a word??? lol…


What a COOL juxtaposition of hobbies!! Do you knit as fast as you drive?? :rofling:

:cheering: Welcome Katie!!

I love the photo of you knitting in front of the race car!! Great job on the blanket!! :thumbsup:


:slight_smile: I get to excited about new people…
Fun to see you in front of the car … that’s priceless…

Enjoy your stay :slight_smile:

Welcome Kate, love the blankie.

Welcome! Great blanket.

Welcome! Guess you don’t meet too many other knitters at the races, huh!

Welcome Katie. Awesome blanket… :slight_smile: