I'm New

My name is Kathleen and I have been knitting for approx 7 months. Loving it. :heart:
Amy, this site is GREAT…
I have made scarves and hats and now I’m going to attempt a textured blanket!!! :XX:
The pattern has a///CN1.make cob nut (K1, yfwd, K1) will I be adding a stitch? This pattern seems to go on forever (and being a novice) I will be a regular looking for some help, and from what I have seen I am in the right place.
Looking forward to getting to know all of you.

k1, yfwd, k1 adds a stitch. When you put the yarn in front between the knit stitches (the yarn forward) and knit the next stitch, the yarn coming from the front will create an extra stitch and an eyelet. (They seem to call this combination a cob nut, but I’ve never heard that before.)

And welcome! I’m sure you’ll find all the support you need here.

Hi Kathleen welcome, I love your name, always a favorite of mine.

:waving: Welcome to the forum